The creators of the Cortisone Shot (pictured) are at it again.

Please recall that Duffy's Irish Pub is no stranger to novelty shooters named for injectable/sprayable substances used --  with varying degrees of legality -- by professional athletes. So from the creators of the Cortisone Shot comes the Deer Antler Spray Shooter, a $6 concoction of Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps and Fireball cinnamon whiskey that will be available during the Super Bowl. (Shouldn't it also contain Jagermeister?)

If you missed it, reports surfaced this week that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis allegedly used an oral deer-antler extract spray while recovering from a triceps injury. The same spray contained a substance, IGF-1, that appears on the NFL's banned substances list. Lewis has denied using the substance.


(h/t @dcsportsbog)

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