This week, Stephen Colbert's wagging finger was pointed at bars donating some or all of their profits to charities -- bars like D.C.'s own Cause The Philanthropub, which opened in October.

"Good deeds and booze is a dangerous combination," warns Colbert. "Sure, you walk into a bar, toss back a couple of cold ones for Doctors Without Borders. Next thing you know, you're pounding back Slippery Nipples for the Susan G. Komen Foundation! It's wrong!"

"It's all in good fun," says Nick Vilelle, co-owner of Cause, in response to the "Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger" segment that aired Tuesday. "And frankly if it makes more people aware that there are things like this out there, that's great." Cause, which gives drinkers and restaurant patrons a chance to donate profits to one of four charities, including Agora Partnerships, Common Good City Farm, Higher Achievement and Martha’s Table, posted the video on its Facebook page this week.

And, he adds, the segment may have even inspired the bar. "We might just have to do some specials on Slippery Nipples."