Amid the early-in-the-year dregs of an Arnold also-ran, a Sylvester Stallone misfire and another "Die Hard" installment, comes a little gem of a documentary that garnered the coveted four-star rating from critic Michael O'Sullivan. "Sound City" is Dave Grohl's directorial debut. The musician, who is best known as Nirvana's drummer and frontman of Foo Fighters, proves his film-making capabilities with this ode to a piece of old-school recording equipment -- the Neve console. The documentary mixes interviews, with the likes of Tom Petty, Trent Reznor and Lars Ulrich, and footage from recent recordings made on the sound board.

Here's a little sample from O'Sullivan's review: "Their passion is borderline obsessive and definitely geeky. But by the end of Grohl’s affectionate, funny and toe-tapping film, you’ll probably agree with its partisans, swept away by their infectious enthusiasm, not to mention by the movie’s tail-kicking soundtrack."