Today's Food section has an excellent preview of the most anticipated brewing operation to hit D.C. in ages: Bluejacket, the craft brewery and bar from Megan Parisi, Michael Babin and Greg Engert of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group.

• Craft brewery with built-in dreams

(Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)

The 7,300-square-foot space is set to open by June near the Navy Yard, and writer Daniel Fromson spoke with the operation's principals and outlined their ambitious plans. You'll want to read the full story, but here are five reasons to be extremely excited for Bluejacket's opening -- as if you weren't already:

>> Variety: 

Bluejacket will have 19 fermentation vessels on site, brewing all kinds of strange, wonderful beers that usually aren't found on this side of the Atlantic (or in this century).

>> Patience: 

Instead of rushing out beers that go from fermentation vessel to glass in short order, Bluejacket's emphasis is on slower-maturing (and more flavorful) beers, like cold-fermented lagers and sour ales fermented with wild yeasts.

>> Beer gizmos:

Bluejacket's toys will include an open fermenter for bringing out the banana and clove hints of a hefeweizen; a horizontal fermenter for seasoning saisons and other Belgian beers; and a coolship for making lambics extra tangy.

>> A huge menu (with huge bottles):

Expect about 20 drafts and five casks at all times, along with a few magnums and even Jeroboams. And like at ChurchKey, the menu will be divided into distinct categories.

>> Distribution: 

You'll be able to buy beer on-site at Bluejacket, and if all goes well, at your local beer store, too.