Drinking at a bar: Just sitting there, not moving your feet, not changing the scenery while you drink. It's so pedestrian. So boring.

Trolley Pub understands this problem and asks, "Why be pedestrian when you can be a passenger?" And how! Come April, the pedal-powered mobile drinking establishment popular in cities like Raleigh, AustinChicago, and Savannah, Ga., will roam the streets of Arlington.

"How is this possibly legal?" you might be asking. Since Trolley Pub counts as a registered, for-hire vehicle, like a limousine, there's no ban on open containers. And with a licensed Trolley Pub conductor steering the quadracycle, up to 14 passengers -- a minimum of six are required to pedal -- merely provide the horsepower.

A two-hour tour costs $30 for individuals, or $350 to rent the whole trolley. It's BYOB, but hard alcohol and glass bottles are prohibited. The Trolley Pub Facebook page lists April 13 as the tentative launch date.

Of course, this important new drinking trend begs the question, "What's next?" For the budding entrepreneur, here are a few suggested vice-laden transportation services of the future:

• High-speed rail cocktails

• Horse and beer buggies

• Segway shots

• Exotic cars and cigars