Mackenzie Scott is not even 25. Her first, self-titled album was released (sans record label) one month ago. Yet the performer known only as Torres is already garnering critical comparisons to chanteuse PJ Harvey and Cat Power’s Chan Marshall. Her song “Honey” was anointed a best new track by Pitchfork. And if she did indeed record her album in someone's home, and for the most part live, then she might also be a little bit like Bon Iver and the Rolling Stones.

Mackenzie Scott is Torres, the singer-songwriter from Nashville. (Riot Act Media)

That should be enough to convince you that you should be there tonight when Torres plays intimate DC9; tickets are $8 and available at the door only. If you haven't decided whether you're in the mood to battle what's sure to be a crowd, watch this video of Torres performing her track "Jealousy and I" in the Nashville home where her album was recorded in just five days.