The Gryphon opens Wednesday at 8 p.m., and just as its namesake is a legendary combination of animals, the Dupont sports bar (or "upscale gastropub") has assembled an equally mythical menagerie of animals for its menu.

Creatures of the land, sea and air, from France to Louisiana to Korea, form unexpected combinations, prepared by Executive Chef Joseph Evans of Lost Society. Here's a trip through the Gryphon zoo, from the ordinary creatures to the exotic:

(Travis Vaughn)
(Travis Vaughn)

Korean braised short rib taco: $12
Barbacoa tater tots con queso: $11
Root beer marinated steak sandwich: $14
Prime burger: $14
Cocoa and chipotle rubbed sirloin: $27

Gryphon wings tossed in chili soy sauce: $9
Chicken a la Plancha, with arugula, tomatoes, honey garlic aioli and havarti: $13
Half Chicken, fried: $17

Croque monsieur on Texas toast: $12
Cuban sandwich with roasted pork and country ham -- $14

(Travis Vaughn)
(Travis Vaughn)

Rockfish with roasted fennel and fingerling potatoes -- $24
Crispy Scottish salmon with roasted maitake mushrooms, smoked tomato beurre blanc, corn and edamame $23

Crispy fried oysters: $10

Mussels with lamb sausage: $10

Crispy calamari with General Tso sauce: $12
Calamari salad: $14

(Travis Vaughn)
(Travis Vaughn)

Blackened burger, with house sauce: $14

Cajun crawfish mac and cheese: $10
Crawfish cake: $11

Gator bites with Sriracha mayo and pickled radish: $12

Taxidermied animal heads of multiple species.

For those wondering, yes, there are several vegetarian options on the menu, like a falafel veggie burger, ricotta-stuffed ravioli, pimento cheese-stuffed peppadews and a quinoa and frisee salad.

The Gryphon, 1337 Connecticut Ave. NW. 202-827-8980.