The Rock and Roll Hotel building is for sale for $3 million, and nightlife impresario Joe Englert, whose lease on the space at 1353 H St. NE runs for 14 more years, says there's a "95 percent chance" he'll eventually purchase the property.

Rock and Roll Hotel
The Rock and Roll Hotel has been a fixture on H Street NE since 2006. (Photo by Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

This situation is an abnormality for Englert, whose business model usually includes owning the land as well as the liquor license. Of all the bars that Englert and his partners have been involved with on H Street – including the Argonaut, the Pug, Granville Moore's, Sticky Rice and the H Street Country Club – the Rock and Roll Hotel is the sole instance where Englert has a landlord. "This is the only one where I couldn't [buy the building]," he said. "I've been looking to buy it for a number of years, but [the owner] didn't want to sell it." Instead, he laughed, "We have artificially cheap rent."

The former funeral home opened as a live music venue in 2006.