The magic ride continues for "Oz the Great and Powerful." In its second week, the "Wizard of Oz" prequel raked in $42.2 million for a total of $145 million. Not bad for a one-star movie.

There’s a yellow brick road waiting to guide Oscar (James Franco) — Oz to his friends — and his companion to the Emerald City. (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Here's how other films fared, including new release "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" in the third spot, which makes you wonder: Does extravagant self-praise in a title translate to lavish box office returns?

  1. Oz The Great and Powerful, $42.2 million
  2. The Call, $17.1 million
  3. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, $10.3 million
  4. Jack the Giant Slayer, $6.2 million
  5. Identity Thief, $4.5 million
  6. Snitch, $3.5 million
  7. 21 and Over, $2.6 million
  8. Silver Linings Playbook, $2.6 million
  9. Safe Haven, $2.5 million
  10. Escape from Planet Earth, $2.3 million