D.C. nightlife don Joe Englert has written an incredibly persuasive eight-item summation of why being a bar owner is, to borrow a term H.L. Mencken once applied to being a newspaperman, "the life of kings."

The Scrib: 8 Reasons Why It Rocks to Own a Bar

Joe Englert. (Blair Zervos)

Well, that is if you covet fried food, a stocked petty-cash drawer, sanctioning your own mandatory spirits tastings and being able to surprise your employees by turning up for work before 10 p.m. Writing for the Scrib, where he's a contributor, Englert praises the freedom afforded to keepers of the nightlife. "What’s not to like about owning a fully stocked bar, a Skee-ball machine, a constant supply of peanuts and an internet jukebox? And what other workplace in the world turns a blind eye to a besotted proprietor?"

Englert, of Big Hunt, DC9, Pug, H Street Country Club and Capitol Lounge fame (among many others), said earlier this week he hoped to purchase the building where his Rock & Roll Hotel is a tenant.