“We’re done,” reports Emily Sprissler, co-chef of Mayfair & Pine in Glover Park.

Sprissler, a Season 2  “Top Chef contestant, and her husband and business partner, Jason Cote, met with their accountant one last time recently to see if they could save the 11-month-old gastropub.

Emily Sprissler and Jason Cote. (Daniel C. Britt/The Washington Post)

“We never accumulated a lot of debt,” says Sprissler,” but “we weren't getting enough butts in seats,” either.

Did competition do them in? “We did not have any competition when it came to food on the strip,” says the chef. “No one had the chops, the creativity.” People in the area, she adds, preferred getting meals “delivered to their door.”

Since the closing “took us by surprise,” the couple have no immediate plans. They’re in contact, however, with two out-of-town restaurant groups, one of which has its eye on a project in the city.