Break out your favorite footie pajamas and snuggliest stuffed bear, because there's a slumber party at Capitol Skyline Hotel, and host Washington Project for the Arts wants you to know you're one of the cool kids who made the invite list.

You don't even have to ask your mom first.

And that's good, because she'd probably say no, what with the two drink tickets that come with the $35 admission, not to mention the "Seven Minutes in Heaven." That's the name of performance artist Kathryn Cornelius's new work, which entails bringing people into a closet and then getting them to journal about their experiences. If you'll recall, she has a knack for using relationships as inspiration; she married and divorced seven people in one day in the name of art, for a piece called "Save the Date" at the Corcoran.

Sleepout, as the event is called, kicks off at 9 p.m. on April 20, and over the course of the ensuing 12 hours, there will be DJs, horror movies, karaoke, s'mores, storytelling, "Plushies" (an art installation of stuffed animals by Megan Blafas) and all kinds of slumber-themed performances.

One is "Pillow Talk," which finds Maida Withers Dance Construction Company members leaping and tumbling with pillows in their hands and strapped to their bodies. Meanwhile, performance artist Calder Brannock will bring "Cuddle Collaboration" to the party, inviting strangers into a bed for a few sweet nothings.

WPA is inviting people to bring sleeping bags and tents, but with so much going on, it seems like it'll be just like the good old days, when you stayed up all night because you didn't want to miss any fun.

No word yet on the prank policy for the first to fall asleep.