While the Post is celebrating the announcement of the Pulitzer Prizes today, another D.C. institution is cheering as well: the Studio Theatre. Amy Herzog's "4000 Miles," the theater's current production, was just announced as a finalist in the drama category. The play, about a grandmother and her grandson locking horns, is on stage through May 5.

In his review, critic Peter Marks wrote that Herzog is "a playwright of distinction whose rich portfolio you’ll want to get to know." Of "4000 Miles," he wrote:

The manchild and his step-grandmother meet at the center of Herzog’s play, which as much as anything is about the surprising contours one adjusts to on the circuitous paths to commitment and purpose. What’s admirable about “4000 Miles” is also what’s elusive: It’s difficult to pin down exactly why it’s so darn appealing, aside from the simple pleasures derived from getting to know Leo and Vera. Come to think of it, they endear themselves to us in much the same way that they grow on each other.