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Date with a five-year old?
Any suggestions on things to do Saturday with my five-year-old? I was thinking the College Park Aviation Museum, but thought you might have other ideas. We recently saw a play, so that's probably out. Thanks!


Weekend's Amy Joyce responds: The College Park Aviation Museum was a big hit with my son. Not only is it usually pretty quiet and open, but it's sunny and inviting. Some of the highlights include being able to sit on a real airplane, use simulators and do a few crafty things on your own. At the end of the fun, take your art to the front desk and receive a "prize." (Yes, it's another bag full of plastic doodads you probably don't need, but my goodness, they love that stuff.)

Other things I like for 5-year-old dates: A Nats game. The food, the atmosphere, and the relatively inexpensive tickets if you can nab them are all a great thrill. (They're home to the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday at 1:05 p.m.) Hains Point (East Potomac Park) is actually a ton of fun. Not sure what your 5-year-old is like, but mine loves the mini-golf there, or the driving range (hit from the top and it feels like you're really hitting that golf ball pretty far) followed by a grilled cheese in the "clubhouse." You're also close to paddle boats at the Jefferson Memorial.

And my secret weapon: The newly reopened playground at the Beauvoir school on the National Cathedral grounds. It's only open to the public on the weekends. Amazing climbing structures, huge slides, a zip line and an artificial turf field. But beware: The closest bathrooms that I've found are in the cathedral, which is quite a hike.

For a quieter date, the National Gallery of Art and the sculpture garden are fun to walk around and 5-year-olds actually get a lot out of it. Love the cafeteria at the gallery -- sit closest to the waterfall and have some nice gelato for dessert.

Hope this helps!