You'll still get the key to a junior suite and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot when you order the Freddie's Nightcap cocktail at the Graham Hotel in Georgetown. But if you want an intimacy kit or electronic cigarette, you'll have to bring your own.

Some of the more eyebrow-raising amenities originally included in the $500 package weren't approved by the hotel's ownership, according to spokesperson Erika Paola Gutierrez. "Freddie's Nightcap is on the menu, but it's just the drink and the suite," she said.

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D.C. has the $22 cocktail. The cocktail with a real diamond in it. And now, the cocktail that comes with condoms and massage oil. Depending on your tolerance for gimmicks and creepiness, it will either pique your interest or make you want to bathe in a vat of Purell immediately after reading this.

Freddie's Nightcap, (Courtesy of The Graham). Freddie's Nightcap, (Courtesy of The Graham).

The Freddie's Nightcap is the product of the Graham, a new boutique hotel in Georgetown, with a soon-to-open roof deck. It costs $500, which includes all of the following:

• Two shots of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with a splash of Grand Marnier

• A bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne

• A junior suite at the hotel complete "with a soaking tub filled with rose petals"

• An "intimacy kit" of massage oils and prophylactics

• An electronic cigarette

(Plan B is not included -- you'll have to walk up to the CVS on M Street for that.)

The whole thing reads sort of like an Onion Smoove B column at best, and a problematic example of the expected sex-for-drinks implied transaction at worst. It all depends on who's buying for whom, and how both parties think they'll feel about it the morning after. Either way, it might be the most decadent one-night-stand in D.C. that money can buy.

Update: Freddie Wyatt, the director of business development at the Graham Georgetown, said by e-mail that Freddie's Nightcap is his version of a "romance package."

Coming from the event industry and previous management experience at the Donovan House rooftop, selling late-night rooms was just part of this industry, and by creating a package that includes a room and a bottle of champagne, gives the guests an option without running downstairs to the front desk, and all the hassle that comes with it.  This package will also bring the element of surprise for someone wanting to be spontaneous or surprise their spouse or lover, all while being discrete. This was created with the intent of love, romance, and mystique, not sleaze as the Post described. I will look for my local Post writer at the CVS in the Purell aisle, as only they can take a good thing and make it sleazy.

Because the D.C. area is so conservative, we wanted to shock people and introduce them to an exciting drink concept. The cocktail comes with a room key, but that doesn’t make it sleazy. We resent that sexuality and intimacy is automatically equated with sleaziness. The Graham Georgetown has a young and exciting energy about it - people aren’t going to want to leave, so we are giving them a fun option to keep their party going all night long. Further, we invite the Washington Post, its staff, writers, readers, and supporters to come see the hotel and its exciting offerings to Georgetown and allow the non-published menu items to speak for themselves, Purell baths optional.

A junior suite (Courtesy of The Graham). A junior suite (Courtesy of The Graham).