If you ever wanted to woo a date with an insulin spike, Max Brenner would be the place. The Israeli-born restaurant chain is a Roald Dahl novel come to candy-coated life, where the cocktails overflow with chocolate milk, fries come dusted in cocoa and it's perfectly okay to get a hit off a "chocolate syringe," which fills the mouths of truly troubled chocoholics with a ganache fix.

By mid-June, we might all have a liquid chocolate habit. Max Brenner, which already has restaurants in New York and Philadelphia, will open a Bethesda location, at 7263 Woodmont Ave. just before the arrival of summer. A spokesperson for Max Brenner said the company chose the Washington area because of its affluence and education. (And, perhaps, sweet tooth: The area's other cocoa-centric eatery, Co Co. Sala, is still serving five-course desserts five years in, and will open a second boutique in Union Market this spring.)

Unlike other Max Brenner locations in the U.S., this one, dubbed a Chocolate Bar, will skip the conventional lunch and dinner fare and give people precisely what they want: Dessert, approximately 12 hours a day. Date nights and kiddie birthday parties will never be the same.

On the menu at some Max Brenners? Popsicle Fondue, with a vanilla ice-cream bar that you can dip into melted chocolate, then toppings. (Max Brenner)

The exterior of the Max Brenner that will open in Bethesda Row in mid-June. The restaurant is focusing on sweets. (Max Brenner)