Being part of a bike-riding gang in pantaloons and pageboy caps always seemed a little antiquated. But never more than today, when the D.C. Bike Party announced that it would roll out onto the city streets on May 8 dressed as robots.

Robots. On bikes. Check mate, Tweed Ride.

Redaktionshinweis: Verwendung nur im Zusammenhang mit dem Film- bzw. DVD-Start, keine Archivierung! Garrett Hedlund als Sam in dem Science-Fiction-Film "Tron: Legacy" von Joseph Kosinski. Der Film "Tron: Legacy" kommt am Donnerstag (27.01.11) in die deutschen Kinos. (zu dapd-Text) Foto: Disney Enterprises/dapd
This is nothing like what the Robot Ride will look like. But it's fun to dream. (Disney Enterprises)

With the first Robot Ride, the freewheeling monthly cycling meetup is celebrating the release of the long-awaited new Daft Punk album, "Random Access Memories."  A mobile DJ in a pedicab will play a mix of Daft Punk hits as the ride's official hype music; cyclists are encouraged to get in the spirit of the eight-mile ride by dressing like the characters from  "Tron: Legacy," a film that was better heard than seen thanks to Daft Punk's soundtrack. (Barring that, just dress like any other robot you can think of, most especially Vicky from "Small Wonder.")

The robots depart from Dupont Circle on May 8 at 8 p.m.

While you chew on all of this amazingness, check out Daft Punk's new single, "Get Lucky." Then, go ahead, imagine riding down Massachusetts Avenue dressed as a robot.