If you followed our advice last weekend, you drank free rum at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, sampled quinoa (and petted alpacas) at the Embassy of Peru, and avoided vegemite at the Embassy of Australia. This weekend, it's the European Union's turn to host you and fill your belly with delicious international treats. Here's another list of embassies that will be offering food, according to an advance look at the weekend's program. Heads up: Some of them charge for food, so you may want to bring cash.

Dancers at the Spanish embassy perform during the Shortcut to Europe open house in 2011. (Courtesy of the Delegation of the European Union to the United States)

Embassy of Austria: "Taste fine Austrian wines and pastries. Enjoy Viennese roasted Meinl coffee and watch a chef skillfully preparing apple strudel, a traditional Austrian dish." Ooh, yes.
Embassy of Belgium: "Thanks to wonderful chefs and generous sponsors, you’ll be sampling waffles, chocolate, beer, and other Belgian specialties." Even better.
Embassy of Bulgaria: You will be offered a "sampling Bulgarian wine and food."
Embassy of Cyprus: "Taste the traditional Cypriot Halloumi Cheese and soudjouko made of grape juice and almonds." If the whole day is a menu, this is your cheese course.
Embassy of the Czech Republic: They're celebrating Vaclav Havel. "Toast to Havel’s 77th birthday with his favorite brew," which will presumably be served.
Embassy of Finland: You'll be "exploring the culinary culture from a land of northern lights and white summer nights."
Embassies of France and Germany: They're teaming up for a block party of sorts, and you can "Enjoy some of the best food and drink from each country from the Franco-German menu." If previous years are any indication, the food here will not be free.
Embassy of Greece: Come here to enjoy "delicacies that helped shape modern-day Greek cuisine."
Embassy of Hungary: "Experience our award-winning chef ’s culinary creations."
Embassy of Italy: There is always food (and often gelato!) but it is likely not free. While you eat, you can admire Italian cars and art exhibitions.
Embassy of  Lithuania: After a photography exhibition, "experience Lithuanian national cuisine."
Embassy of the Netherlands: They have a new king, so everyone can celebrate with "Dutch goodies."
Embassy of Poland: "View the exhibit 'Smiling Poland – Smiling World' and taste samples of traditional Polish cuisine." Note: Poland is seriously underselling itself with this description. Last time I was there, I was handed a huge plate of pierogi and kielbasa and a cup of beer, and it was all delicious and free.
Embassy of Slovakia: Folk art and food samplings.
Embassy of Slovenia: It is unclear whether the "food delights" mentioned in the Slovenian description are part of the day's activities, or are among other cultural attractions in Slovenia's tourism pitch. Proceed warily.
Embassy of Spain: "Enjoy a taste of Spain at the recently renovated former residence of the Ambassador of Spain by sampling Spanish food and wine provided by local restaurants."
Embassy of Sweden: "Sample Swedish treats and enjoy our rooftop view." Here's hoping Saturday's forecast improves specifically for this purpose.
Embassy of the United Kingdom: British food! One time at the British Embassy, they passed out cups of gin and ginger.
Embassy of the European Union Delegation: Ambiguous "refreshments" are promised. (Update: According to Ren Althouse of the E.U. Delegation, "We will have assorted pastries in the morning and European sandwiches in the afternoon, free for visitors.")