Weird ice cream flavors are everywhere right now, but this might be the first one you can use to chase a shot of cheap whiskey. Say hello to the Frosty Pickleback.

(Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post) (Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post)

Step 1: Purchase one of CreamCycle DC's Salty Pickle White Chocolate ice cream sandwiches.

Step 2: Pour yourself a shot of whiskey.

Step 3: Take the shot of whiskey followed by a bite of the salty pickle ice cream sandwich.

We haven't tried this combination yet, as the practice of taking shots of whiskey in The Washington Post newsroom, where this photo was taken, is frowned upon these days.

But we were able to try CreamCycle's pickle-flavored ice cream, and they sure aren't kidding about how it tastes. If this works like it should, the ice cream will wipe the whiskey taste from your mouth faster than you can say 'brain freeze.' As for the taste of the salty pickle ice cream ...