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Anthony Bourdain's "Guts and Glory" tour visits D.A.R. Constitution Hall tonight at 7:30 p.m. The author and “Parts Unknown” host will share stories from his travel and culinary career, so you can expect to hear about some behind-the-scenes capers from his various television shows, as well as some gentle (or perhaps not-so-gentle) ribbing of other TV chefs.

Previous stops on Bourdain's tour have included guest appearances by fellow gourmet personalities Eric Ripert and Andrew Zimmern, but Bourdain appears to be flying solo tonight -- unless his buddy Jose Andres makes an unannounced stop-in.

A review of Bourdain's April 24 appearance in Newport News said, "There is a stand-up feel to the show," which featured several critical (and predictable) shots at Paula Deen and Guy Fieri, who Bourdain reportedly called "an Ed Hardy [sic] Jugaloo." But Bourdain also touched on the U.S. food chain, the American diet and the whole chefs-as-rock-stars thing that's happening right now.

Throughout his tour, Bourdain has taken questions from the audience, and you can bet that he’ll have to field this one: Where are you dining after the show? Make your late-night dinner plans accordingly.