Capitol Hill's Tune Inn: a bastion in the battle against overpriced beer. (Washington Post)

Hipsters previously ruined irony, thick-framed glasses and -- depending whom you ask -- large swaths of historic D.C. Now they've managed to muck up something else for the rest of us: affordable beer.

According to a new report by Restaurant Sciences, an industry research firm, prices of “sub-premium” beer -- your Schlitzes, Keystones and Natty Bohs -- rose nearly seven percent over the past seven months. Chuck Ellis, the head of the company, told the New York Daily News that Pabst Blue Ribbon, that hipster hallmark, is specifically to blame: “It has become quite fashionable,” he said. Quite!

Fortunately for D.C.’s cheap and thirsty, a number of local bars do indeed sell PBR and other bargain beers for appropriately low prices. Some good bets, per the Post's Fritz Hahn:

And here are two more bonus bars from Tim Carman (who rightly points out that, in D.C., the "idea of cheap beer is a joke"):

  • Madam’s Organ (Adam's Morgan), which "still offers ½ price beer on Monday-Wednesday and Friday and Saturday. Which means beers from $2 to $3."
  • Madhatter (Dupont), which hosts a $1 beer (!) night on Thursdays

For more options, you might consult our list of best dive bars or Tim Carman's dive bar commandments. Rule #1: The cops should be called to the place at least once a year to break up a fight. Hipsters beware.