Sure, it was a National Symphony Orchestra concert at the Kennedy Center last night, but a typical NSO concert? Not so much: Guitarist Trey Anastasio of Phish let loose with the NSO Pops, playing a sold-out set which meant more than a few jam band T-shirts worn under suit jackets inside the center's Concert Hall. There were plenty of floor-length sundresses, too, and shouting. Yes: There was shouting among audience members during a Kennedy Center concert.

I think it can be said a phun time was had by all, including by the female attendee in the above video who tried to get onstage mid-show, as an usher looked a bit perplexed and tried to get her back to her seat. Anastasio smiled and played along, promising to dedicate the next song to her if she sat down. She did.

Pops conductor Steven Reineke spent the concert dancing along as he directed the orchestra through two-plus hours of Phish/Anastasio songs, including "Divided Sky," "Goodbye Head" and "Brian & Robert." After beginning the set with "First Tube," Anastasio appeared to say "That was fantastic!" to Reineke. Audience members (and orchestra members, too) hooted, hollered and agreed. And most stayed in their seats.

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