George Bluth Sr. won't be hawking $15,000 lemonade in our area anytime soon, but Jeffrey Tambor, the actor who plays him on "Arrested Development," will be dispensing life advice at National Harbor next month. Don't worry: there's no sweat lodge.

Jeffrey Tambor (center) with Mary Lynn Rajskub (left) and John Slattery (right) in a scene from Netflix's "Arrested Development."

Tambor will bring his one man show, "Performing Your Life," to a benefit for the Mental Health America organization on June 8. In addition to his twin roles as George Sr. and Oscar Bluth on "Arrested Development" (and movie credits including, most recently, "The Hangover Part III"), Tambor has been a theater instructor/motivator for 40 years, according to the event's press release.

His 90-minute show is aimed more toward earnest theatrical aspirants than "Arrested Development" fanboys and girls, but we'd expect more than a few questions about the show's fourth season (the early reviews are not great) during the question-and-answer period. Tickets start at $75.