Since 2007, Imperial China has been one of D.C.'s most exciting and aggressive live bands, but Wednesday night will be the band's last show: "After three albums and 94 shows, Imperial China has decided to call it quits so we can focus on our jobs and new music projects," reads a message on the band's Web site. (The City Paper spoke to the band's Brian Porter about the decision.)

Patrick Gough, Brian Porter and Matt Johnson of Imperial China. (Photo by Sean Peoples)

Abrupt tempo changes, full-body grooves and prolific use of samples and loops (which made the band seem much larger than a trio) gave their performances a hyperkinetic, theatrical feel. "We all have short attention spans . . . so it keeps us all happy and not bored," the band's drummer Patrick Gough told the Post in 2009. "I get kind of bored when I go see a show and everybody's playing the same instrument and standing in the same place for 40 minutes," he added.

Doors at the Black Cat open at 8 p.m. tonight, and you can still get tickets for $12. Here's Imperial China in action: