Rooftop bars have been opening left and right this year, and Glover Park is getting in on the action: Mason Inn may have a rooftop bar open as soon as October.

Co-owner Fritz Brogan says that Mason Inn reached agreement with the Glover Park ANC and a group of neighbors earlier this week that will allow Mason Inn to move forward with a 48-person rooftop bar.

The settlement calls for the rooftop to close at midnight Thursday through Saturday and at 11:30 p.m. the rest of the week. "It's going to be more relaxed than our downstairs bar," Brogan says. "It's a basic outdoor deck with a large bar and a couple of TVs." There will be greenery, and plenty of soundproofing, including walls and doors.

It was concerns about noise that delayed the rooftop this long. "We have neighbors directly behind us, 10 feet from our back door," Brogan says.

Construction should begin in August, and will involve adding a staircase to the main bar, as well as structural support columns. Once the roof is ready, Brogan says it will be be open year round.