Someone over at WikiLeaks is a bit touchy about the new Alex Gibney documentary "We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks," which opened Friday, and to which I gave a three-star review.

Late Thursday night, the Web-based information clearinghouse posted what it calls an "annotated transcript" of the documentary, offering somewhat hyperventilating, point-by-point rebuttals to several of the statements made in the film, which casts WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as something of a sad, embittered man, with little regard for whether his un-redacted disclosures might endanger people.

The transcript appears to have been made by pirating the film's audio, since it includes none of the incarcerated Bradley Manning's emailed correspondence, which only appears in the film as typewritten text.

My review of the film has already prompted a few angry emails, one of which castigated me for trying to discourage viewers from seeing the movie, when the exact opposite is true. As Joshua Keating noted in a Foreign Policy blog post, what many critics of the film seem not to have noticed is (if they've even seen the movie) is the fact that "We Steal Secrets" is actually pretty sympathetic to WikiLeaks, in principle at least.

If you want to read the entire 31,582 annotated transcript of the film, here it is.