The cronut has taken New York -- and by extension, the internet -- by deep-fried storm since a bakery in the city's Soho neighborhood started making the doughnut-shaped croissants last month.

Cronut, as Grub Street reports, is trademarked, so when  Chocolate Crust in Brightwood fried up its own croissant-doughnut hybrid over the weekend, it needed a different name. Behold, the doissant.

(Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post) (Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post)

We tasted them today and didn't detect the light, buttery goodness of a croissant so much as we tasted funnel cake. Each doissant is sprinkled with pistachios and anise sugar, and filled with hazelnut cream. Doughnut hybridization, apparently, ain't cheap: The dense pucks of dough, which max out at about three inches in diameter, are a pricey $4.75 each.

The doughmuffin would like to welcome the doissant to Washington's burgeoning alternative-doughnut subculture.