Honey Pig — the ever-expanding empire of pan-Asian eateries that has proven too big to confine to Annandale — is eyeballing a location in Germantown for its next outlet for tasty tableside Korean barbecue. This information is based on photographic evidence and government permits, not any Honey Pig-issued press release.

Honey Pig has its eyes on a Germantown location for a Korean barbecue outlet. (M. Carrie Allan) Honey Pig has its eyes on a Germantown location for a Korean barbecue outlet. (M. Carrie Allan)

Which is why I tried to confirm Honey Pig's expansion into Germantown with a company representative — or anyone who would pick up the phone and talk to me. But for all its capitalist expansion aspirations, Honey Pig seems stuck in a circle-the-wagons mentality whenever a reporter calls, a maddeningly frequent scenario for this $20 Diner. Here's how my conversation went with an unnamed Honey Pig manager who spoke through an interpreter.

Me: When do you plan to open the Germantown location?

Manager via interpreter: We're not sure yet.

Me: Can you provide a general time frame? Like late summer or early fall?

Manager via interpreter: Probably August or September.

Me: Will it feature the same menu as the Annandale location?

Manager via interpreter: Who am I talking to again? [Note: This is after I had called the Annandale location several times and identified myself each time as a Post reporter looking to write something on the new Honey Pig location.]

Me: I'm a food writer with The Washington Post.

Manager via interpreter: We don't want to talk about this right now. We're not sure about the Germantown store yet.

Me: Do you mean you're not sure that you'll open one there? Do you think you won't open one in Germantown?

Manager via interpreter: No, we'll open there.

That was the extent of our conversation. So I called the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control and learned that Honey Pig did "make an inquiry" about a liquor license, but has not filed a formal application. Honey Pig does have, however, several permits pulled for its location at 19727 Frederick Road in the Fox Chapel Shopping Center. A representative with Montgomery County said Honey Pig's occupancy permit is still pending, meaning the space is not yet ready for final inspection.

It would appear that Honey Pig and its 24-hour-a-day feeding schedule are headed toward a new location in Germantown. Perhaps someone with Korean-language skills and/or a long-term relationship with Honey Pig can learn more about the new place. For now, it'll open when it opens.