(Photo by Susie Cushner) (Photo by Susie Cushner)

The New York Palace today unveiled the names of its two food concepts by esteemed Washington chef Michel Richard. The pastry shop, expected to roll out in August, is Pomme Palais. (Get the joke, a French twist on The Big Apple?) The restaurant, scheduled for a September debut, has been christened Villard Michel Richard. Villard is a tip of the hat to Henry Villard, the 19th-century financier whose mansion is part of the luxe Midtown destination.

The restaurant will host two ideas: a 100-seat French bistro and a 46-seat fine-dining establishment called the Gallery, according to a spokesperson.

In a previous interview with the Washington Post, Richard described the smaller venue as “Citronelle but lighter,” a reference to his now-dark, four-star Michel Richard Citronelle. While cream and butter will be used with restraint in the Gallery, the chef said he still wanted “magic on the plate.” Pomme Palais, in contrast, is a “grab and go” operation selling desserts and sandwiches.

A chef has yet to be appointed.

Designed by Jeffrey Beers, Pomme Palais and Villard Michel Richard are part of the Palace’s $140 million renovation launched in January.

A previous version of this post said the New Your Palace's renovation cost $120 million.