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Ben & Jerry’s has made an official D.C.-flavored ice cream

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The District officially has its own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor -- and it is delicious.

The yet-unnamed flavor mixes marshmallow, caramel and chocolate-covered cornflakes in Ben & Jerry’s signature chocolate ice cream. The chocolate cornflakes are sourced from Divine Chocolate, the fair-trade chocolate company with offices near Eastern Market. The ice cream itself bears some resemblance to Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food, the popular flavor beloved by chocoholics and jam band fans everywhere.

You’ll recall that Ben & Jerry’s dreamed up the creation as part of its mind-bogglingly complicated “City Churned” promotion, which invited fans in five cities to vote (... and tweet, and Instagram, and check-in...) on their favorite flavors. D.C. got to choose between options like cherries, chocolate, waffle cone pieces and Route 11 potato chips. While we were really holding out for the chips, the Divine Chocolate’s cornflake clusters also made a nice crunchy counterpoint to all that chocolatey goodness.

PR director Sean Greenwood said D.C. residents, voting from booths in Dupont Circle, overwhelmingly picked chocolate ice cream over vanilla -- giving new meaning to the D.C. nickname “Chocolate City.” (Free name idea there, Ben & Jerry’s.) Washingtonians also voted for cherries and waffle cone pieces, but company “Flavor Gurus," who spent several weeks developing the ice cream, decided to edit those out.

So where can you try this creation for yourself? A company spokesperson didn't rule out the possibility that the flavor could appear in stores, though she said Ben & Jerry’s had no “confirmed plans” right now. Greenwood pointed out that limited-edition flavors, like the Elton John-inspired "Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road,” have made it to the mass market in the past.

If that doesn't happen, you’ll have one other opportunity to eat delicious, free ice cream tomorrow at The Farm at Walker Jones, near New Jersey Avenue and K Street NW. From 1 to 4 p.m., volunteers will work on projects like refurbishing the urban farm’s butterfly garden. Ben & Jerry’s will scoop out the new flavor from 4 to 6 p.m. You can register in advance online.

While you’re on the Ben & Jerry’s Web site, consider dropping them a line and asking them to continue the new flavor. Said one Post staffer, after trying a scoop: “I would totally buy this. No, I really would.” A sweet endorsement, indeed.