By the Fourth of July, Standard, the wildly popular barbecue and beer garden in Logan Circle, will be no more.

Before fans let out a Munch-like scream, they should know that only the name of the mostly-outdoor destination is being dropped. Eager to end complaints from the Standard Biergarten in New York, the operators of Standard in the District plan to change the name of their joint to the Garden District, says co-owner Tad Curtz. “We’re not interested in a legal battle,” with the sudsy Manhattan hotel amenity, he said.

(Lavanya Ramanathan/The Washington Post)

Garden District is a nod to the business Standard replaced and is subject to approval by the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration.

Curtz sounded bemused by his problem, partly because “we don’t have a sign here.” The only place the controversial brand even appears is on the paper menus. “People come here because the food is good and they have fun, not because we’re called Standard,” he says.

So, is anything else being replaced at the soon-to-be-former Standard? “Nothing here is changing except for a bunch of letters.”

We’ll raise a beer to that.