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Minibar gets even fancier with new private dining experience

For those who consider Jose Andres' $225-per-plate Minibar to be slumming it, good news: Andres' team is debuting a newer, more exclusive experience within Minibar.

It's called Jose's Table, and the $3,000 six-person private table will be tucked behind a flowing white curtain, where guests can dine, among other delicacies, on salt baked foie gras, roasted squab with truffles, and a salad inspired by glass artist Dale Chihuly. The price includes beverage pairings, tax and gratuity, which are not part of the $225 price of Minibar's standard experience. Quick -- make your reservation by emailing or call 202-­638-­0202.

Minibar used to be a restaurant within a restaurant, when it was part of Andres' America Eats Tavern. And now that the freestanding Minibar has a restaurant-within-a-restaurant too, one wonders how much more "Inception" dining in D.C. can get. As a once-popular meme would put it: "Yo dawg, Jose Andres heard that you liked expensive restaurants, so he put an expensive restaurant within his expensive restaurant." Maybe we can next expect a solo dining experience within Jose's Table, like an upscale version of this table-for-one restaurant in Amsterdam.

But for those of us who can't typically join Jose at his table, Andres' team will be hosting a one-night-only open house at Minibar to celebrate the restaurant's 10th anniversary. On Monday, July 15, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Andres fans can sample the deconstructed "Philly Cheese steak" dish that originated at the restaurant, and is now served at Andres' LA restaurant, The Bazaar. And, proof that Andres considers himself to be the Willy Wonka of the culinary world: He'll be awarding one guest a golden ticket for a free dinner at Minibar.

Untouchables Presents "Philly Cheesesteak" from Eater on Vimeo.