Muslims began the holy month of Ramadan on Monday -- and one Northern Virginia restaurant is offering a special menu for those who will be breaking their fasts at sundown. Darna, a Lebanese-inspired restaurant in Arlington, is serving up Middle Eastern delicacies throughout Ramadan buffet style in a nod to how Iftar, the celebratory sundown meal, is a community affair.

Courtesy of Darna

Dishes like mansaf (lamb cooked in yogurt) and molokhia (chicken, mallow leaves, and rice) will be included, as well as bazella (green peas with tomato and rice) and standard appetizers like hummus and tabouleh. There will also be dates, the traditional intro to an Iftar meal, and baklava, as well as other dishes that will rotate throughout the month. The buffet is $24.95.

You don't have to be breaking a fast to eat the meal, but you do have to wait a bit: The restaurant will operate with normal dinner service from 5 to 7:30 p.m., and will switch over to the buffet shortly before sundown, at 8 p.m.