We all know which Paul McCartney songs are our favorites. Easy. But have you ever tried ranking them? Hard. Really hard. Yank-all-of your-old-LPs-off-the-shelf-and-watch-three-hours-of-your-life-vanish hard.

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(Tracy A. Woodward / The Washington Post)

After lots of toe-tapping agony, I came up with this list of my top nine McCartney-penned Beatles tunes, and my one favorite side of a Wings album.

1. “Hey Jude.” Perhaps not the most original pick, but this is my list so “na-na-na-nya-nya-nya-nya.”
2. “We Can Work It Out.” One of those rare 50/50 collaborations with Lennon and pure ecstasy to me.
3. “Eleanor Rigby.” It scared me as a child.
4. “Carry That Weight.” What a singalong.
5. “Let It Be.” It delighted me as a child – at first on Sesame Street as “Letter B.”
6. “Helter Skelter.” The sound of a nice boy being nasty.
7. “All My Loving.” A young lesson: love is so much happy-sadness.
8. “Yesterday.” Aw.
9. “Good Day Sunshine.” The cutest one from the cute one?

And that best Wings album side: Side A of “Band on the Run.” What a suite. Once it goes on my turntable, it doesn’t come off until the outro guitar squiggles of “Let Me Roll With It” fade to silence.