In case you haven't heard: heat dome. It's a heat dome, people, which means any and all measures of self-preservation, hydration and liquid rejuvenation are permissible until further notice. A glass of something cold, you ask? No. Better is a metal julep cup freezing in your hands as you sip from it.

The Picasso at Kapnos. (Greg Powers) The Picasso at Kapnos. (Greg Powers)

Say hello to the Picasso at Kapnos. What is a drink named for a legendary Spanish painter doing at a Greek restaurant? Picasso was inspired by Greek art and mythology in his early years. But more important than the name is the bracing first sip from the metal straw, as the flavor of apple vinegar stings your nostrils in concert with the hum of Templeton rye. I normally despise anything having to do with vinegar, but just like a spray bottle of apple vinegar soothes a sunburn, its presence here made me instantly cooler. (Outside temperature at time of first sip: 93 degrees and soupy.)

Each of mixologist Taha Ismail's cocktails is $12, and if you're looking for a summer refresher that's slightly more traditional than a Picasso or the grapefruit-forward Papadapolous (made with mastika, which is similar to ouzo), there's a trio of kegged lemonades for $11 each.

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