After a two-year hiatus, the Washington Project for the Arts's weird, wonderful and seriously splashy SynchroSwim art party is diving back into the Capitol Skyline pool Saturday.

At the inaugural SynchroSwim in 2009, artsy teams such as We Are Science dove into the pool to create watery scenes like synchronized swimmers. But not. (Max Cook)

SynchroSwim began in 2009 as a buoyant revival of the Esther Williams tradition, with an artistic twist. It drew large crowds in its first year, including a few MTV cameras and the pesky cast of "Real World D.C." (Newcomers to D.C.: Just look. Look how pesky they were.) After a 2010 edition, the bash went dark for a couple of years before re-surfacing this summer.

This year, the Washington Project for the Arts selected four teams of artists and performers to dive in and perform routines that are between two and four minutes long and must include at least one submersion.

The winner will be decided by a few esteemed judges, including Arena Stage Artistic Director Molly Smith and Arvind Manocha, the new Wolf Trap president. The free event kicks off at 5 p.m., just as the Skyline's regular pool party wraps up (and, yes, the bars will remain open through SynchroSwim).

A few more details about the performances:
Aether Art Projects: Eames Armstrong, Amber Lee, Amanda Lineweber and Lindsay Rowinski will stage a piece called “Antarctica,” featuring such characters as a polar bear and mermaid.
C&C Swimming Factory: Carolina Mayorga and Craig Garrett explore labor in this waterborne pas de deux.
Maida Withers Dance Construction Company: Tatiana Domovidova, Anthony Gongora, John Moletress and Giselle Ruzxany examine weddings and relationships in a piece called “Sink or Swim.”
Virago: Armando Lopez-Bircann and Katie Macyshyn dreamed up a sea punk-themed interpretation of “The Birth of Venus” and “The Sphynx” in which the costumes are wearable sculptures.