You've read the tweets and you've forwarded the GIFs of Steve Sanders chainsawing his way out of a great white's belly. And now you can see "Sharknado" as it was never meant to be seen: on the big screen.

A flying shark is no match for Fin Shepard in "Sharknado."

SyFy's campy made-for-TV disaster flick, starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, will have midnight screenings Friday night across the country, including showtimes at Ballston Commons and Potomac Yard, among other theaters. Maybe you already saw the movie during its third airing, but will that stop you from hanging out with rowdy theater-goers covertly playing drinking games? SyFy also promises never-before-seen footage, and you know what that means. Scenes that were cut (most likely because they should have been) have been reinserted into the movie. Just imagine how much more astonishing the special effects are going to look when projected onto a 60-foot-wide screen.