The 14th Street corridor has become a playground of craft cocktails and charcuterie; of small plates and big prices; of mustachioed bartenders and house-made pickles.

The dining room is bustling during the dinner rush at Le Diplomate restaurant. (Stacy Zarin Goldberg for The Washington Post)

But primarily, it is a gauntlet of culinary choices.

Along or adjacent to the 13-block stretch of 14th Street NW, from N Street to Florida Avenue, you’ll find more than 60 bars and eateries, and a handful more will be opening imminently. It is an assault of options: Pricey French bistro fare on one side, takeout Thai on the other. Local beer and farm-to-table plates sit in opposition to the faraway cuisine of Ghana and Ethiopia. Bocce vs. trivia night. Picnic tables vs. Drafting Table. The Pig and the (Black) Cat. Pizza? Tacos? There are at least six different restaurants apiece where you can find either. And don’t even get us started on the wait times for a seat. As you’ll see in our flowchart, there are more than five dozen ways to answer the question, “Where do you want to go tonight?”

What will become of this rapidly evolving slice of the city? It could go the way of Georgetown: a hangout for the rich where tourists clogging the streets. Or Adams Morgan: The more bars that open, the more drunken stumbles you’ll see at 3 a.m. But at this moment — before it cultivates a reputation for anything other than one mile of delicious food — 14th Street seems full of promise.