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Doughnut ice cream sandwiches are D.C.’s newest doughnut novelty

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Bummed that you haven't made it to New York to try the Cronut? Console yourself with another doughnut-related novelty: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken is shilling doughnut ice cream sandwiches all week. Add them to this list of the area's gourmet ice cream sandwiches taste-tested by the Food section a few weeks ago.

Of the two flavors available on Tuesday -- a passion fruit doughnut sandwich with raspberry verbena ice cream and a chocolate doughnut sandwich with Brooklyn Roasters mocha java ice cream -- our tasters liked the former the best. Both will be available on Wednesday, too, but the menu will change for the rest of the week: Thursday's offerings include a cocoa nib doughnut with Sicilian pistachio ice cream, and the famous creme brulee doughnut with a frozen pastry cream. On Friday, Astro will serve cinnamon doughnuts with dulce de leche ice cream, and chocolate doughnuts with hazelnut ice cream. All of the ice creams are made in-house.

While they're not yet part of the regular Astro menu, the sandwiches will become a fixture if the carry-out shop gets good feedback. They'll be available all week beginning at 2 p.m. in limited quantities, so if you want one on the later side, shoot them a tweet at @AstroDoughnuts to see if there are any left.

One quick pointer: Since doughnuts are quicker to absorb melted ice cream than a cookie is, these are frozen treats that you'll need to eat quickly. Each sandwich is $5.25.