A group called "Pie it Forward" will be handing out free pie in D.C. twice this week to promote kindness and sharing. According to Sarah Fertig, the group's "Executive Weirdo Do-Gooder," the group will be near the Chinatown Metro station on Wednesday at 6 p.m., and will be parked near the rally for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington on Saturday.

Shaker Lemon Pie photographed in Washington, DC. (Photo by Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post) (Photo by Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post)

D.C. is the group's 29th stop on a national tour. (Baltimore, you're next, on Aug. 28.) They drive a camper from city to city, and rely upon host kitchens and donations to bake dozens of pies, which are distributed in slices to anyone who wants one, while supplies last. Here's the group's recipe. If you like their message, you can also donate some gas, baking supplies or even just a can of tuna fish for their meals.

Why pie? The group's maniFEASTo explains:

Untold millions of people have helped to make this pie possible. That’s why I’m happy to share it with ANYONE who has less pie or no pie. And all I ask in return is that if I’m sharing the pie I made with you, please try to learn how to bake pies yourself, so that someday you too may share pie with someone who has less.

Look for the "Free Pie" sign to claim your slice.