In this week’s new movies, a woman cares for troubled teens in a halfway house in "Short Term 12;" the film receives three stars. The documentary "One Direction: This is Us" includes footage of the band on and off stage. "Getaway" starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez falls short, receiving half a star.

Elderly sculptor Marc Cros (Jean Rochefort) takes in Spanish political refu­gee Merce (Aida Folch), who agrees to pose nude for him and grows to become his muse in the World War II-set “The Artist and the Model.” (Cohen Media Group)

The Artist and the Model” (Unrated) “Despite a minor subplot about a wounded member of the French resistance (Martin Gamet) who briefly recuperates in the artist’s picturesque studio, 'The Artist and the Model' isn’t about much, other than female beauty. That theme is not exactly controversial.”  – Michael O’Sullivan

Closed Circuit” (R) “…few audience members will be surprised to learn who’s up to what in a film that, despite its roots in the sophisticated political thrillers of the 1970s, settles for banal conspiracy-mongering and loose ends that are risibly tidy bows by the film’s rushed ending.” – Ann Hornaday

1/2 starGetaway” (PG-13) “As a whole, the action sequences either look fake or are intercut with so many other images that any excitement dissolves. The shot list might look something like this: police cars closing in on Brent’s car; Brent’s tattooed hand shifting gears; close-up of the dashboard; tight shot of the toothpick clenched in Brent’s teeth. It becomes impossible to comprehend the full scope of danger.” – Stephanie Merry

The Grandmaster” (PG-13) “The movie holds together reasonably well, however, perhaps because it’s one of Wong’s most conventional narratives. That probably reflects the influence of Xu Haofeng, who co-scripted with Wong, or that the story is taken, however loosely, from real life." – Mark Jenkins

1/2One Direction: This Is Us” (PG) “…the movie is tailored specifically for One Direction’s uncontrollably ecstatic fan base of more than 14 million Twitter followers. That group consists mainly of tween girls, so a PG rating is a must, but Spurlock paints the band members — Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson — as superhuman, even as the guys humbly insist they’re just average blokes.” – Stephanie Merry

Short Term 12” (R) “The most exhilarating things about 'Short Term 12' aren’t the plot points but the myriad revelations that transpire between the characters moment by moment, whether in highly charged encounters in the facility itself or in more gentle interactions when Grace is at home (and only slightly less emotionally armored and wary).” – Ann Hornaday

Therese” (Unrated) “For the most part, 'Thérèse' is a joyless tale, and the normally incandescent Tautou deserves praise for her ability to dull her radiance. The number of times she smiles in the film likely falls short of double digits. She is depressed, and she seemed so from the start.” – Stephanie Merry