Fox 5's Brian Bolter is leaving the station's anchor desk to focus on bourbon.


Specifically, the news anchor/wine-bar owner is going to focus on bourbon at Dry 85, a cocktail bar inspired by the "Prohibition-era speakeasy" that Bolter hopes to open in Annapolis before Halloween. Bolter and his wife Lisa already own the chic little Red Red Wine, located south of Dry 85 on Annapolis's historic Main Street.

In a statement on his personal Tumblr, Bolter said he recently asked the station to allow him to "pursue other interests" in light of opening his second restaurant, and characterizes the separation as "amicably parting ways." He also plans to spend more time with his children.

"You have one life to live," Bolter told The Post's Dan Zak in 2010, before Red Red Wine opened, "and so you can focus all your efforts on one thing or -- in this economy, in the uncertain times we live in -- you can take an opportunity to explore the canvas of your life, to figure out other things you're interested in."

• Fox 5 anchor Brian Bolter, channeling the news and a new wine bar business