Tom Sietsema broke digital bread with readers today as he does most Wednesdays at 11 a.m. On the menu: Where to grab a casual lunch in Georgetown, D.C.'s best omakase and why all Caesar salads are not created equal.

A reader wrote in with a lengthy paean to thoughtful, kid-friendly dining. It's one thing to add chicken tenders or a grilled cheese sandwich beneath a "Kid's Menu" heading; it's another to look after the state of the high chairs and the construction of the dishes:

But what is harder to capture is the general attitude of the place. Firefly is a real restaurant, with real food (we thought ours was excellent) and genuine atmosphere ... Our little guy behaved like a champ the entire time, because of how he was treated. Suffice it to say we went back that weekend for brunch, and brought my parents along, too. We are now loyal fans, and so is our son, who refers to Firefly simply as "the restaurant."


Tom Sietsema: "There's a lesson here, maybe a couple: Kids drive more decisions than we think. And Firefly is grooming a fresh set of customers by impressing its pint-sized patrons."

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