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Calling all celiacs: We’re looking for the best gluten-free pizza in D.C.

I used to think of pizza crust as merely a vehicle, offering an easy way to shovel tomatoes and cheese from plate to mouth. I can already feel the New Yorkers judging me, so let me just say: fine, you were right. Crust is incredibly important, although I didn't fully comprehend this until I was forced to give up gluten.

I appreciate any restaurant's efforts to cater to this high-maintenance diner, but some of the gluten-free crusts around town taste an awful lot like cardboard. So that begs a question for the gluten-free among us (and those poor souls forced to share pies with us): What is your go-to spot for gluten-free pizza?

For me, Rustico takes the cake (or the pie) with honorable mentions for Pete's Apizza and Pizzeria Paradiso, but I want to hear which other restaurants are going above and beyond to prove that gluten-free crust doesn't have to taste like a less flavorful saltine. Let us know in the comments or email me your thoughts.