Fuzu will become a new buzzword on Sept. 23, if chef Dennis Friedman has his way. That's when Newton's Noodles, an Asian fast-casual concept that he hopes will become a national brand a la Chipotle, opens at 1129 20th Street NW.

A preview of the dining room at Newton's Noodles (Maura Judkis/for The Post)

Friedman's Fuzu gives customers a choice of noodles, vegetables, sauces, spice level and two of six proteins, including scallops and shrimp for $9-$12. He says that he has perfected the cooking process down to a science, and can have Fuzu made-to-order in three minutes flat. Once it's in the customer's hands, they can eat it with a chork, a chopstick-fork combination. There will also be several sides, like tuna bites and spring rolls, for $4-$9.

We got a first glimpse of Friedman's restaurant -- outfitted in natural tones with touches of lime green -- in advance of Monday's opening. Including a 40-seat patio, the restaurant can hold 110. And for those who want to get some work done while they eat, Newton's Noodles plans to offer free WiFi.

Chef Dennis Friedman (right) and staff show off their branded t-shirts. (Maura Judkis/for The Post)

A pre-opening look at Newton's Noodles (Maura Judkis/for The Post)