People are flocking to the new restaurants on 14th Street NW, but they aren't the only ones: According to ABC 7, rats are big fans of the area too.

Yes, rodents are a part of city life in any neighborhood. But it seems like the recent influx of restaurants has exacerbated the problem in Logan Circle: Residents have "crushed" the local ANC with complaints about rodents, which have found breeding grounds in greasy restaurant alleyways and dumpsters. The neighborhood's puggles, Pomeranians, and Maltipoos spend their twice-daily walks trembling in abject terror.

Neighborhood leaders and restaurant owners plan to meet on Oct. 17 to talk about the rodent problem at 7 p.m. at the Washington Plaza Hotel. In the meantime, you can turn our 14th Street restaurant flowchart into a fun game of "Who is causing the neighborhood rat problem?" Or you can check out the work of brave Washington Post photographers who were tasked with a seriously crummy assignment earlier this summer -- to document D.C.'s rat problem -- in the photo gallery below.