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Red Hen window smashed by vandal

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It was a rough weekend for the Red Hen. Last night about 10:30, the Bloomingdale restaurant tweeted a picture of the aftermath of an apparent act of vandalism.

According to publicist Amber Pfau, restaurant staff members saw someone throw a brick (they tweeted that it was a "6 foot 3 girl in a red tank top and jeans"). Owner Sebastian Zutant tried to chase the perp, who escaped, depriving food bloggers of the easy headline, "Red Hen vandal caught red-handed." Pfau says the window has already been replaced. The Red Hen is always closed on Mondays.

Other problems in the neighborhood that have plagued the Hen included a series of power outages that hit the neighborhood in July. Despite the obstacles, the restaurant is considered by Tom Sietsema and other local critics as one of the city's best newcomers .