Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo will be in town tomorrow night, introducing the 7:30 p.m. screening of "Metallica Through the Never" at Silver Spring's Regal Majestic. If you weren't already planning on catching the movie -- an Imax 3-D concert film-meets-action flick -- this news probably won't sway you to go.

Metallica Through the Never "Metallica Through the Never" blends concert footage and a thriller narrative. (Carole Segal/Picturehouse)

But if you're one of the die-hard fans the movie was made for, then this is likely the screening you want to catch. Early reviews have been positive, giving the band and director Nimród Antal credit for putting a new twist on the old concert movie shtick. Although, as critic Mark Jenkins writes, "viewers without a preexisting taste for thump and thrash will probably not be converted by the Imax 3-D spectacle."