Nobody has to remind you that drinking and driving is stupid, not to mention dangerous. And if you have ever been to a beer or wine festival, you already know that police like to scrutinize cars leaving the parking lot in case the driver might have "only had a sip or two."

The Capitol City Brewing Company's annual Mid-Atlantic Oktoberfest is Saturday, and an estimated 10,000 people will hit the streets of Shirlington to dance to oompah music, eat bratwurst and sample beers from around 50 different breweries. Unfortunately, Shirlington isn't the easiest place to access without a car. That's why Arlington's Car-Free Diet program has created an informational video that shows how to reach the festival by Metro,  Metrobus and the county's ART bus, or by utilizing Capital Bikeshare. (Example: Did you know that buses go to Shirlington from three different Metro stations on three Metro lines?)

Yes, Metro can be frustrating on weekends, thanks to delays of 12 to 16 minutes between trains. But if you don't have a designated driver, and you don't feel like paying Uber or taxi fees, public transportation is the only way to go.