One of the coolest things about Baby Wale is the collection of go-go posters decorating the massive, newly opened Shaw bar. Apparently, less scrupulous patrons agree: They've been stealing the bathroom hand-washing signs, as well as other items like the vintage salt and pepper shakers on each table.

The bathroom signs mimic the Globe Posters style used to promote entertainment around the city in go-go's heyday. Two of the restaurant's four restrooms have had their signs stolen, and the restaurant has only been open for a month.

Baby Wale's restroom signs (Courtesy Tom Power/Baby Wale)
Baby Wale's restroom signs (Courtesy Tom Power/Baby Wale)

"My wife, Natsu Onoda Power, spent a lot of time making them," Baby Wale owner Tom Power wrote in an email. "She stains the top of a wood wine box and then decoupages ... the sign to it.   She is happy to share her design work but prefers not to have to repeat the manual labor."

To combat the thievery, Power has made the signs available for free download on Baby Wale's Web site. He also implores guests who are eyeing the salt and pepper shakers (which are also on display in shelves in the bathrooms), to purchase them for $5-$10 each, depending on the shaker.

"Natsu married into the restaurant business and has been shocked at the thievery so far," Power said. "I think it is a sport for some people to steal things from restaurants."

So let's cut it out, guys.

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